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USDA Kansas Hay                                    08/14 09:25
Manhattan, KS   Tue August 14, 2018    Kansas Department of Agriculture
Kansas Hay Market Report 
Ground alfalfa movement:   Southwest/South Central 
Tonnage: 10,382/4,756Last week: 9,528/4,407 Last year: 9,667/4,632
Hay market trade activity is light to moderate. Prices mostly steady. Demand is 
fairly good. Third cutting alfalfa is in full swing for the western half of the 
state. However, at times it has proven to be challenging to do so between the 
rain drops. Western producers are also battling high humidity and "pigweeds", 
both of which are not much of a problem in normal years. As for the eastern 
half of the state, drought continues to prevail and essentially put an end to 
hay season.  Forty-Three Kansas counties, primarily in central and northeastern 
areas, were authorized for emergency haying and grazing of CRP land.  Relief is 
on its way, however, with rain predicted for this week. According to the U.S. 
Drought Monitor, drought conditions were essentially unchanged, save for some 
small, spotty areas of improvement in eastern Kansas. Western areas 90-day 
rainfall totaled 4 to locally 10 inches more than normal. The abnormally dry 
(D0) category is at 11 pct, moderate drought (D1) is at 26.5 pct, severe 
(D2) is at 17 pct, and extreme drought (D3) is at 7.5 pct and exceptional 
drought (D4) is at 1 pct. Join agriculture leaders from across the state at the 
third annual Kansas Governor's Summit on Agricultural Growth on Thursday, Aug. 
23, 2018, at the Manhattan Conference Center at the Hilton Garden Inn. More 
information about the Summit, including a link to the registration site, can be 
found at If you have 
questions about the Summit, contact KDA at 785-564-6700 or email  If you have hay for sale, and/or need hay here in 
Kansas, use the services of the Internet Hay Exchange: 
Southwest Kansas  
Dairy alfalfa, grass hay, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered steady; movement 
slow. Alfalfa: horse, premium small squares 280.00-300.00. Dairy, 1.00-
1.05/point RFV, Supreme 185.00-210.00, Premium 170.00-195.00, Good 160.00-
170.00. Stock or Dry Cow alfalfa, 190.00-200.00.  Fair/Good grinding alfalfa, 
170.00-180.00. Ground and delivered locally to feedlots and dairies, 200.00-
215.00. Grass hay: pasture mix small squares 8.00-9.00/bale. Cornstalks: Large 
round 70.00-80.00, ground and delivered 95.00-105.00. Wheat hay: large squares, 
110.00-120.00. Wheat Straw: large rounds, 65.00-75.00. Rye hay, large squares 
100.00-110.00. The week of 8/5-8/11, 10,382T of grinding alfalfa and 1,050T of 
dairy alfalfa were delivered. 

South Central Kansas 
Dairy alfalfa, grass hay, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered, alfalfa pellets 
steady; movement slow. Alfalfa: horse, small squares 190.00-200.00. Dairy, 1.00-
1.05/point RFV, Supreme 185.00-210.00, Premium 170.00-195.00, Good 160.00-
170.00. Stock cow alfalfa, 155.00-165.00 delivered. Fair/Good grinding alfalfa, 
150.00-160.00 with an instance at 180.00. Ground and delivered locally to 
feedlots 175.00-185.00 with an instance at 195.00. Alfalfa pellets: Sun Cured 
pct protein 200.00-220.00, 17 pct protein 210.00-225.00, Dehydrated 17 pct 
245.00-255.00. Grass hay: Bluestem small squares 8.00/bale, mid squares 110.00-
120.00, large squares 140.00-145.00, Brome large squares 75.00-85.00/bale. Oat 
hay, large squares 85.00-95.00. Sudan, large rounds 70.00-80.00. Wheat hay, 
large squares 145.00-155.00 delivered, large rounds 125.00-135.00. Rye hay, 
large rounds, 95.00-105.00.  Cornstalks: none reported. Straw: large rounds 
65.00-75.00. The week of 8/5-8/11, 4,756T of grinding alfalfa and 1,897T of 
dairy alfalfa were delivered. 

Southeast Kansas 
Dairy alfalfa, ground/delivered steady, grass hay steady to 10.00 higher, 
grinding alfalfa steady to 25.00 higher; movement slow.  Alfalfa: horse or 
220.00-245.00. Dairy 1.00-1.05/point RFV. Stock cow alfalfa 170.00-180.00. 
Fair/Good grinding alfalfa, 170.00-180.00. Ground and delivered, none reported. 
Grass hay: bluestem, premium small squares 125.00-145.00. Good, mid to large 
squares 120.00-140.00, large rounds 100.00-110.00 with an instance at 120.00; 
Brome: Good, mid squares 140.00-150.00, large squares 125.00-135.00, large 
rounds 120.00-130.00. Oat hay, mid squares 150.00-160.00. Straw, mid and large 
squares 70.00-80.00. Mulch, large rounds 50.00-60.00. The week of 7/5-8/11, 
1,108T of grass hay were delivered.

Northwest Kansas 
Dairy alfalfa steady, grinding alfalfa and ground/delivered steady to 10.00 
higher; movement slow. Alfalfa: Horse or goat, 220.00-230.00. Dairy, 
Premium/Supreme 1.00-1.05/point RFV. Stock cow, fair/good none reported. 
Fair/good grinding alfalfa, 135.00-145.00.  Ground and delivered locally to 
feedlots and dairies, 150.00-165.00. Alfalfa/oat mix, large rounds 100.00-

North Central-Northeast Kansas 
Dairy alfalfa, grass hay, ground/delivered steady, grinding alfalfa steady to 
10.00 higher, wheat straw steady to 5.00 higher; movement slow.  Alfalfa: 
premium small squares 9.00-10.00/bale. Dairy 1.00-1.05/point RFV, Supreme 
185.00-200.00, Premium 170.00-195.00, Good 160.00-170.00. Stock Cow, good 
120.00-125.00. Fair/Good, grinding alfalfa, 160.00-170.00. Ground and delivered 
175.00-185.00. Grass hay: bluestem, small squares 7.50/bale, large squares 
105.00-115.00, large rounds 95.00-105.00; Brome: small squares 8.50/bale, mid 
large squares 140.00-150.00 delivered, large rounds 115.00-125.00, or 150.00 
delivered. Straw: small squares 6.00-7.00/bale, large squares 100.00-110.00, 
large rounds 85.00-95.00.  

***Prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted. Dairy alfalfa 
prices are for mid and large squares unless otherwise noted. Horse hay is in 
small squares unless otherwise noted. Prices are from the most recent sales. 
*CWF Certified Weed Free  

Alfalfa Quality Guidelines 
Quality       ADF     NDF   *RFV/RFQ   **TDN-100%     **TDN-90%     CP 
Supreme       <27    <34      >185        >62           >55.9       >22 
Premium      27-29  34-36    170-185    60.5-62       54.5-55.9    20-22 
Good         29-32  36-40    150-170      58-60       52.5-54.5    18-20 
Fair         32-35  40-44    130-150      56-58       50.5-52.5    16-18 
Utility       >35    >44      <130        <56           <50.5       <16 
*RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn formula. **TDN calculated using the Western 
formula. Quantitative factors are approximate, and many factors can affect 
feeding value. Values based on 100% dry matter (TDN showing both 100% & 90%). 
Guidelines are to be used with visual appearance and intent of sale (usage).  
Source: Source: Kansas Department of Agriculture - Manhattan, Kansas 
Kim Nettleton   785-564-6709  
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