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USDA California Hay                                11/17 15:06
Greeley, CO   Fri Nov 17, 2017   USDA - CO Dept of Ag Market News

California Hay Report

  Compared to last week: All classes traded steady with moderate demand.  
According to the November 13, 2017 NASS Crop Progress Report, Temperatures 
across the State last week were typical for the fall season. Along the northern 
coast, close to two inches of precipitation was reported. More precipitation is 
expected to fall in the coming week for parts of the State. Temperature highs 
were in the 50s to 60s in the mountains, 60s to 70s in the valley, 60s to 80s 
along the coast, and 70s to 80s in the desert. Temperature lows were in the 10s 
to 30s in the mountains, 20s to 50s in the desert, 30s to 40s in the valley, 
30s to 50s along the coast. Early plantings of small grains had germinated and 
showed good emergence and growers continued to prepare more fields for fall 
planting of wheat, barley, and oats.  Alfalfa for hay production was finishing 
up with the last cuts of the season and growers windrowed, baled and stacked 
hay. The fields received herbicide treatments. Corn, milo, and sorghum 
to be harvested for green chop. Silage corn grew well and harvesting was 
ongoing. Rice harvest neared completion. Cotton fields were defoliated and 
harvesting was in full swing. Black-eyed beans were being harvested and 
processed. Most summer crops have been harvested, and fields were being 
for winter planting. Winter wheat was planted.  All hay is reported FOB the 
stack or barn unless otherwise noted. Regions are defined at bottom of report. 

***Next report release will be December 1, 2017 due to Thanksgiving Holiday***

Tons:  3760    Last Week:  1625    Last Year:  7121                            

Region 1: North Inter-Mountain:                                                
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium                 550  170.00-200.00  191.82     Retail/Stable     
  Orchard Grass                                                                
      Premium                  25  180.00-180.00  180.00     Retail/Stable     
  Forage Mix-Three Way                                                         
      Good                     25  150.00-150.00  150.00     Retail/Stable     

Region 2: Sacramento Valley:                                                   
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium                  75  220.00-220.00  220.00     Retail/Stable     
  Orchard Grass                                                                
      Premium                  25  300.00-300.00  300.00     Retail/Stable     

Region 3: Northern San Joaquin Valley:                                         
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Supreme                  75  299.00-299.00  299.00 Del Very High Testing 
      Premium                 150  270.00-270.00  270.00 Del Retail/Stable     
      Good                    405  235.00-245.00  241.79 Del                   
      Fair/Good                75  210.00-210.00  210.00 Del Weedy             
  Orchard Grass                                                                
      Premium                  25  270.00-270.00  270.00 Del Retail/Stable     
      Good                    550  122.00-135.00  125.55 Del                   
  Forage Mix-Three Way                                                         
      Good                     25  210.00-210.00  210.00 Del Retail/Stable     

Region 4: Central San Joaquin Valley: No New Sales Confirmed.

Region 5: Central San Joaquin Valley: No New Sales Confirmed.

Region 6: Southeast California:                                                
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium                 225  190.00-195.00  192.78                       
                              150  200.00-200.00  200.00     Export            
                              175  210.00-210.00  210.00     Retail/Stable     
      Good/Premium            380  175.00-175.00  175.00     Clippings         
      Good                    725  160.00-165.00  161.38                       
  Bermuda Grass                                                                
      Premium                 100  185.00-185.00  185.00                       

The following are the counties included in each region:                        
Region 1: Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta, Lassen, and Plumas.                         
Region 2: Tehama, Glenn, Butte, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Sierra, Nevada, Placer,  
          Yolo, El Dorado, Solano, Sacramento, Amador, and Alpine.             
Region 3: San Joaquin, Calaveras, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mono, Merced, Mariposa.
Region 4: Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Inyo.                             
Region 5: Kern, Northeast Los Angeles, and Western San Bernardino.             
Region 6: Eastern San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial.                     

Alfalfa hay test guidelines, (for domestic livestock use and not more than 10% 
grass, used with visual appearance and intent of sale Quantitative factors are 
approximate and many factors can affect feeding value.

             ADF     NDF     RFV     TDN-100%    TDN-90%   CP-100%
 Supreme     <27     <34     >185      >62       >55.9       >22
 Premium    27-29   34-36   170-185   60.5-62   54.5-55.9   20-22
 Good       29-32   36-40   150-170    58-60    52.5-54.5   18-20
 Fair       32-35   40-44   130-150    56-58    50.5-52.5   16-18
 Utility     >35     >44     <130      <56       <50.5       <16

ADF = Acid Detergent Fiber; NDF = Neutral Detergent Fiber; RFV = Relative Feed 
Value; TDN = Total Digestible nutrients. RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn 
formula.  TDN calculated using the western formula. Values based on 100% dry 
matter, TDN both 90% and 100%.

Source:  USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
         Jonathan Gittlein/Chris Dias/Lindsay Brunet/Aramis Harris/Heath Dewey 970-353-9750               

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