Farmers Pride is an authorized Cenex RubyFieldmaster/Roadmaster XL Premium Diesel dealer; RubyFieldmaster/Roadmaster XL is recognized as the industry’s leading premium diesel fuel with a deep heritage of 45 years of fueling America’s farmers and truckers.   

Cenex recently announced that Rubyfieldmaster/Roadmaster XL contains a special additive to meet the needs of today’s engine technologies. In engines designed to meet new EPA emission standards, increased pressure and temperatures can literally “cook” typical #2 diesel fuel, resulting in injector/filter problems, reduced efficiency and costly repairs. We are proud to offer a premium fuel that helps alleviate this problem, which is often experienced in modernized diesel engines (2007 models and newer).

RubyFieldmaster/Roadmaster XL also optimizes performance and fuel efficiency while reducing downtime and maintenance costs in all diesel engines. In fact, no other diesel fuel contains a more complete, balanced and quality additive package. Compared to typical #2 diesel fuel, RubyFieldmaster/Roadmaster XL:

  • Improves fuel economy by as much as 5 percent

  • Increases power by up to 4.5 percent

  • Boosts lubricity by 10-15 percent

  • Extends life of injectors/injector pumps

  • Reduces maintenance costs

  • Has a higher cetane number (typically 48)

  • Helps prevent fouling issues (in 2007 and newer engines)


RubyFieldmaster is a true premium diesel that’s expressly formulated to handle the rugged challenges of farming – from unrelenting time constraints to grueling loads and heavy PTO demands. That’s why leading producers have relied on its proven benefits for decades. It’s an investment that pays for itself, plus it’s backed by the best warranty of its kind in agriculture.  Every gallon of Cenex Roadmaster XL® Premium Highway Diesel Fuel contains a special additive to meet the tough demands of today’s engine technology.

Contact our Fuel experts: 

Bryan Daum at our Battle Creek Office at 800-233-6679
Tim Erickson, Certified Energy Specialist at 402-380-7545
Kelly Perchal at our Oakland Office at 402-685-5293
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