The Farmers Pride Transportation Department handles services such as farm grain pickup, grain delivery to market, fuel transport delivery, propane transport delivery, liquid fertilizer delivery, as well as internal deliveries of bulk fertilizer and fuel. The Department employs 5 full-time drivers who operate 6 tractor-trailer units and drive over 300,000 miles per year. Our newest model is a 2011 International truck used for grain and fertilizer, followed by a 2007 triple-axle International truck mainly used for fuel and propane transport. Other trucks in the fleet include three 2005 International trucks used for grain and fertilizer, and a 1999 Volvo that is used for grain and fertilizer transportation.

Contact Bryan Daum-Transportation Manager at 1-800-233-6679 for your hauling needs, or contact any of our Farmers Pride locations in 
Battle Creek, Bloomfield, Ewing, Madison, Newman Grove, Oakland, Pierce, Plainview or Osmond.


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