With nearly eight decades in the refined petroleum business and three decades in renewable fuels, CHS has earned its reputation as a safe, dependable supplier of high-quality energy products — those that keep tractors and fleets running smoothly, fuel cars and buses, and warm homes all across the country.

CHS Inc. is the nation’s leading cooperative, owned by farmers, ranchers and co-ops across the United States.  A diversified energy, grains and foods business and a Fortune 100 company, CHS is committed to providing the essential resources that enrich lives around the world.
CHS supplies energy, crop nutrients, grain, livestock feed, food and food ingredients, along with business solutions including insurance, financial and risk management services. The company operates petroleum refineries/pipelines and manufactures, markets and distributes Cenex® brand refined fuels, lubricants, propane and renewable energy products.
The Cooperative Finance Association, Inc. strives to be a customer-focused loan servicing organization.  They are driven by the ever changing dynamics of teh agricultural and financial markets.  They continually strive to provide unique and flexible financial solutions for our cooperative members and patrons by staying on top of the latest trends and developements in the financial, technologicla and agricultural markets.
Land O’Lakes, Inc. is one of America’s premiere member-owned cooperatives. We offer local cooperatives and agricultural producers across the nation an extensive line of agricultural supplies, as well as state-of-the-art production and business services. We also are a leading marketer of dairy-based food products for consumers, foodservice professionals and food manufacturers.

Monsanto offers farmers a wide range of corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, canola, sorghum and sugar cane seeds. We use our elite seed genetics and cutting-edge traits and technologies to create products that meet farmers’ wants and needs. These products are offered through various brands – each of which provides farmers around the world with the solutions that best fit their farms.

With Syngenta's broad range of safe and efficient crop protection products, they improve crop yields and health in all stages of plant development.
Syngenta’s world leading seed care technology helps plants in their critical growth stage to develop strong roots – the basis for a healthy crop and high yields.
Their insecticides and fungicides protect the crop from insects and disease, and improve plant vigor. Syngenta's herbicides control weeds which can reduce yields through competition for nutrients, water and light.
Modern chemical technologies also help plants to reduce yield losses during periods of drought or heat.




Winfield Solutions offers cutting-edge seed and crop protection products combined with unmatched agricultural expertise. This winning combination provides growers, dealers and other partners with the competitive edge necessary to win in the field and succeed in today’s challenging marketplace.

WinField Solutions brands include CROPLAN GENETICS® seed AgriSolutions™ crop protection products, plant nutrients and other proprietary products. Backed with unrivaled technical services and knowledge, WinField Solutions products deliver outstanding solutions and value for the agricultural industry.

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